Systems of Speech

Systems of Speech.
Single channel video projection, stereo audio, steel construction system, MDF

Systems of Speech explores the nature of language and communication in relation to collaborative practice. Within the work language is deconstructed, broken down into its phonetic parts, and reconstituted to form a new whole.

Especially prevalent is the notion of a single voice emanating from a piece of work devised collaboratively. This voice tracks the progress of Irwin and Robinson's collaboration, speaking aloud text messages that the pair have sent each other since they first met. At the same time, the work questions the potential for conflict within collaborative practice, and the difficulties inherent in mutual expression and understanding.

This presentation of an exploded view of language becomes inaccessible, as meaning becomes obstructed by both the system itself and the random nature of the reconstruction. This becomes reconciled by its absurdity; as we grasp for understanding, humour offers a way in.